The program transfers the file over a network or on a single computer, if you use
There are two versions for Windows and Linux (tested on Ubuntu)


— Copy speed (possibly increase 2 times or more compared with other means such as in the local copying, and in the network)
— Copied files of any size
— Pass firewalls (because the server can run on port 80 and used headers HTTP)
— The opportunity to resume the file when connection is broken

For command line help, run without parameters: filotrans
File is searched in the same directory where the program was launched
The file is copied to the server in the directory where the server is running
The program copies the file from the client to the server
If this is already on the server, it will be updated, ie if its size on the server is less than on the client, then it is appended.

The program currently does not have any protection mechanisms !!! (ie, any client can upload files to your server filotrans). Must take into account this fact when using it!

Download (win, linux)

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